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Simple & clever pricing can mean big savings

We customise our pricing for your business. We get to the nitty gritty to understand the electricity you use at peak and off peak times (like evenings and weekends) so that your business benefits from lower off peak prices just like big industrial users. 

Are you running servers or refrigeration through the night and weekends?

Have you got machines running through the night?

Is your business open during the evenings and weekends?

With smart meter technology we measure your electricity usage every half hour. Off peak prices at off peak times can make all the difference.

So here's how we do it 

If you have a smart meter, you are good to go. 

If you don't have a smart meter we'll install one for you. It won't cost you extra but you'll benefit from the saving of our customised pricing.

Let's get to know each other


Our business customers enjoy prices which have been tailored specifically for them. Our dedicated sales people get to know you and your business to determine the best option for you.

Here are some of the factors we include to calculate your pricing:


The time of day and volume of electricity you use.


The location of your home or business and connection type.


Your business requirements for open or fixed term pricing.

Customised prices for all businesses

We customise prices for all our business customers. You may be running chillers or servers overnight, or maybe you trade 7 days a week. Whatever your consumption pattern is we’ll customise a plan to suit you. Our BizSmart pricing enables us to pass on savings to our customers by understanding their electricity use at off peak times when electricity costs are lower. 

Hospitality example

For example a café or restaurant may use a significant proportion of their power through the evening and weekend periods when wholesale electricity is cheaper.

Retail example

Many retail businesses operate 7 days. Their usage pattern is the similar every day – Sunday to Sunday. Yet wholesale electricity prices are cheaper over the weekend. That’s 28% of their consumption used during off peak times. The BizSmart Weekender pricing gives off peak prices on Saturday and Sunday. Over a year, these savings add up. 

Whether your business has one or multiple locations, we can price it all and present it to you in one simple proposal and an easy to read bill.


You choose

Flexible term pricing

If you would like the flexibility of an open term contract, we can provide you with the freedom you need. Your business may be upsizing, downsizing, moving premises – whatever is happening you can still take advantage of lower electricity prices.  This gives you the freedom to switch to a fixed term contract at any time – just contact us when you’re ready. With this option we will advise you of any price changes (energy, lines or other) with 30 days notice.  

Fixed term pricing

If predictable costs are important for your business we can lock in your energy prices for a fixed term. Let us know if this is important and we’ll set up fixed pricing for you. With this option energy prices are locked in, and we pass through lines charges and levies at cost.