Our Generation


Who we are

We're a progressive group of energy and utility specialists who have created Opunake Hydro to deliver sharper electricity pricing for New Zealand businesses.

Our customers receive customised pricing developed around their business's electricity consumption, through the day, the week and the season.

The Opunake Hydro edge combines of the use of smart meter technology, proprietary pricing software and a lean business approach. This means we can pass through the best possible energy price to you.

The Opunake Hydro team has considerable experience as business owners and operators in sales, service, energy generation and trading.

Our generation

Opunake Hydro Limited generates and sells electricity from two sources currently; a hydro-generator located in Opunake and gas-fired generators located in Ngaere.

The first two gas fired generator sets (gensets G3 and G4) were commissioned in 2013 and 2014 on site at Ngaere,  4 km south of Stratford in New Zealand’s Taranaki region. The gensets use natural gas from TAG Oil’s Cheal oil and gas operation located on the same site. Power generated from the gensets is sold to Cheal Petroleum for their onsite operational demand and any excess is exported to the New Zealand electricity market.

G3 is a Caterpillar G3516 unit which is mounted inside a 40’ ISO container. It has the radiator cooling system and electrical and operating control systems located within the container meaning that it is easily relocatable to other sites if required. This genset produces 1,000 kWe of power and is used to export power to the national electricity market.

In August 2014, G4 was installed and commissioned on the TAG Oil's Cheal oil and gas production site. As with the G3 genset, G4 is mounted inside a 40' ISO container which  makes it able to be relocated should the need arise in the future. G4 is a Jenbacher machine, manufactured by General Electric in Austria and uses gas produced from TAG Oil's onsite oil and gas fields. It has a rated output of 1,063kWe and it has been designed to generate power for export. Opunake Hydro's total installed gas fired generation capacity on the TAG Oil Cheal site is now 2.06We



While it no longer owns the hydro station located in Opunake in Taranaki, Opunake Hydro Limited does market the output from it. The scheme draws water from the Waiaua River, via Lake Opunake, and generates electricity at its station at Opunake Beach.

The Opunake Hydro power scheme has been operating since 1922 under several owners, including the Opunake Electric Power Board, Egmont Electricity, Powerco, TrustPower, New Zealand Energy, Opunake Hydro Limited, TAG Oil (NZ) Limited, Coronado Resources Limited and now Opunake Power Limited. 



Opunake Hydro is wholly owned by Opunake Hydro Holdings Limited, a private company owned by OHL managers and skilled professionals.

Please contact info@opunakehydro.co.nz at the following numbers if you would like more detailed information: 09 377 8819

The Opunake Hydro scheme

Output is sold by OHL

Owned by OHL 2009-2016

In 1899 the Opunake Town Board held discussions with engineers regarding the potential for an electricity supply for Opunake. 

In 1903 a consulting engineer made a further report on the possibilities of the Waiaua scheme. 

In 1904 tenders were received to install an appropriate plant, but the matter postponed. The issue of electricity supply was again raised in 1907. 

A decade later consulting engineers drew up a scheme for the Town Board, a loan of £7,000 was raised and building started. 

It was then decided that a larger area than just Opunake could be supplied with electricity, and the Power Board was formed in 1921. This time a loan of £70,000 was raised by a poll of ratepayers of the Power Board area, which went from the Oeo Road in the south to the Mototi Stream in the north. 

In December 1923 the area from the Mototi Stream to Puniho Road was added to the district and a loan of £22,000 was raised to cover it. 

The scheme has been operating ever since. In 2009 Opunake Hydro Limited purchased the scheme. In 2016 OHL sold the scheme to Opunake Power Limited and continues to market its output.